We hope everyone is doing well and taking care of one another!  During this time of uncertainty in our world, we felt remaining connected as a church community was very important.  We have put together a team to facilitate virtual connections among our church family in the areas of Sunday School, Youth Group, Worship Service, Wednesday Bible Study, and weekly updates.  The Wednesday Bible Study at 7:00 pm will be live utilizing Google Meets.  Each Sunday we will have a short (10-15 minute) “Cross Roads Connected” touch base at 11:00 am also utilizing Google Meets. The sermon will follow on Facebook Live at 11:40 am each Sunday.

If you are interested in participating in Circle of Prayer, please let Garry know so you can be included in the conference call.

The link will be different for each service.  Jinny will be sending the links out for Sunday Services and Kim will be sending out the links for Wednesday Bible study.

We look forward to seeing and/or hearing everyone during our online services.