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Welcome to our website. Please check out our Media page for online sermons starting 3/22/20.

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First, a short message from our pastor:

I never imagined when we met last on March 15th that it would be 14 weeks before we would be able to meet together again in the church house at Cross Roads.  Praise the Lord!  If He tarries His coming, we will meet together this coming Sunday!  I am so looking forward to it, but I realize that I am not the same as I was on March 15. Jesus has changed me!  I have often said that I pray for God to open my Spiritual eyes, that I might see Him working, to open My Spiritual ears that I might hear Him speaking and to tender my heart so that I would obey Him at the slightest prompting. Wow! Has he ever answered that prayer in these 14 weeks.  As we meet together, may we remember the words of Isaiah, “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles: they shall run and not be weary: and they shall walk, and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:31)

This battle is God’s, not mine.  He is in charge, not me.  I will wait on God to work. We are standing on the promises of God!!! 



From our deacons:

As we prepare for our first opportunity to worship together on Sunday, June 21st, we want to share information which will assist us to stay within CDC guidelines as we fellowship together:

  1. Service Times – Please note we are returning to regular worship times
    1. 10:00 am  (Online)– Cross Roads Connects will continue during the Sunday School time and remain online

                                   i.      Kim and Jinny will continue to send connection information

    1. 11:00 am  (Face to Face or Live on Facebook)– Sunday Service will take place in the sanctuary with restricted seating and specified entrance/exit locations

                                  i.      We will continue streaming live via Facebook for those who may feel more comfortable remaining at home

                                 ii.      Church Service Program

        1. One song – Special
        2. Announcements
        3. Sermon
        4. Dismissal directed by greeters by row utilizing three exits.
    1. Restricted seating

                                i.      Based on current CDC guidelines, the maximum capacity allowing social distancing will be as follows:

        1. 53 total attendants for main sanctuary
        2. 50 total attendants for fellowship hall to view on big screen
          1. Greeters will be located at the front entrance to guide church attendants to seats.

                                                             i.      Charles Grindle

                                                            ii.      Bobby Tidwell

                                                          iii.      Joey Day

          1. Families will be able to sit together when possible
          2. We ask those attending to arrive early in order to assist with flow.
          3. Once capacity has been met in the sanctuary, attendants will be directed to the fellowship hall.
          4. Once capacity has been met for the fellowship hall, attendants will be asked to view from their automobiles or home via Facebook.
  1. Social Distancing guidelines:
    1. Please refrain from contact including:

                                                              i.      Handshake

                                                             ii.      Embrace

    1. Hand Sanitizer will be provided at the entrance
    2. Masks are not mandatory and will not be provided by the church if an attendant wishes to wear one.
    3. If using the restroom, attendants will be asked to utilize provided wipes to clean levers, faucet handles, and door knob.
  1. To Enter for Church Service:
    1. All attendants will enter from the main door only

                                             i.      All remaining doors will be locked to minimize human contact

                                            ii.      Greeters will open doors for all attendants to minimize human contact on door surface

                                           iii.      Collection plates will be located on back pews

  1. To Exit from Church Services:
    1. Joey Day will direct greeters to dismiss by row utilizing main door, side door (fellowship hall side), and side door (Sunday School side)

                                                  i.      Charles Grindle

                                                 ii.      Bobby Tidwell

                                                iii.      Joey Day

                                                iv.      Brandon Day

                                                v.      Andrew Grindle

Again, the information provided is based on CDC Guidelines to ensure our safety as we transition back to in person services.   We will work through these steps as a family – Together We Are Better!

We will have a special edition of “Cross Roads Connects” on Thursday, June 18th, at 7 pm to answer any questions or concerns that may arise.  Jinny will send connection information on Thursday afternoon.

Thank you for your patience as we work through this together.

Sincerely – The Deacon Board